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Alexa Becker, Poetry Editor
December 12, 2017

everything is slow tiptoeing around myself (the tea steeps the dog sighs the floor groans the fruit ripens and rots...

Katherine Kim, Co-president
December 6, 2017

girls don't have iron in their veins iron rusts with change we do not girls don’t have gold in their hearts gold yields...

Audrey Raphaels, Co President
November 29, 2017

I looked upon his glass blue eyes, looking for a reason to stay, He held my waist and touched my cheek, telling me he’d only pr...

Audrey Raphaels, Co President
November 29, 2017

I desired the affection you were unable to supply, I searched for the acceptance you couldn’t give, I pleaded for even...

Katherine Kim, Co-President
November 15, 2017

There’s always a pause right before someone says my name. I close my eyes, breathing my last gulp of air as a nameless...

Katherine Kim, Co-President
November 7, 2017

they’ve taken her back shut her up in their vaults again the jewel that troy intended to mount upon its spoils of war they’ve...

Winter Choral Concert


Student and Faculty Exhibit

Art Show Displayed @ Coffeehouse
The Ridge Oak Tree: A Collection of Paintings by Various Ridge Artists

May 3, 2017

Vibe Tap Dance Show

February 28, 2017

Ridge High School will be hosting Vibe Tap Dance Show March 5th! Featuring as the opening performance, Ridge Dance Tap Students, Ridge Jazz Band Ridge Dance Tap Students ...

The Winter Dance Showcase 2017: Leaping Through the Library!

The Winter Dance Showcase 2017: Leaping Through the Library!

January 11, 2017

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Ridge Art Show in the news!

Fiddler On The Roof Rehearsals!
Fiddler On The Roof: Showtime!
Fiddler On The Roof: Character Spotlight

Video: Ryan Falzon of Ridge Productions

Katherine Kim, Co-president

December 6, 2017

The scent of iodoform made her open her eyes blearily...


Kyle Watkins

November 1, 2017

Imagine, if you will, that you are in a room. The wal...

Katherine Kim

September 28, 2017

The tissue paper wrapped around the flowers collapsed where my hand touched it, and it made my fingers brush with Christina’s for a brief moment.

Author Laura E. Goodin visits Ridge

June 5, 2017

Ridge Media Center was honored to host a visit and...

Left Behind

Left Behind

February 7, 2017

End of the World

February 6, 2017

Rosewood Drive

Rosewood Drive

January 13, 2017

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The Ridge Oak Tree: A Collection of Paintings by Various Ridge Artists
Isabel Pardo’s Art

May 24, 2017


Amazing Art Collection

Mia Porraro, contributer
December 23, 2016

I was sitting at my lunch table, being the shy person that I am; the table is right next to the wall and mostly hidden from sight. I had already finished my lunch, so I was on my phone listening to music. I was alone. I had no friends to sit with...

Lindsey Brenner
June 2, 2016

Physical Beauty? “There is no definition of being physically beautiful,” my mom would spit at me. When I was young those were the words I cherished the most because I believed them to be true. When I...

Anita Khasnavis
May 4, 2015

Three horrified pairs of eyes stared back at me as I explained to my family why it was absolutely necessary for me to climb to the top of Angels Landing. Known as one of the most dangerous hiking trails...

Author Laura E. Goodin visits Ridge

kendall kalustyan, poetry editor
October 26, 2017

With Halloween just around the corner, indulge in the media center's festivities with a haunted story!

The Ridgeminster Dog Show Is In Town!

March 9, 2017

This year Ridge will be hosting its very own Dog Show! From March 7 to March 17 and vote for the “Cutest Dog” along with other exciting categories. These amazing coil-built portraits of dogs were created by the talented Ridge Ceramics students and are available for viewing in the Media Center. Voting will also be taking place in the Media Center from March 7 to March 17 CAST YOUR VOTE HERE!...

Championship Round Of Literary Hero or Heroine March Madness: Vote here!

Claire Jones, Media Center Section Editor
March 2, 2017

Championship Round!!!! Vote for your choice here! In recognition of the NCAA’s March Madness, the Media Center will conduct its own March Madness contest to determine Ridge High School’s favorite literary hero or heroine! Come to the Media Center to cast your ballot each week, or vote online here on The Devil’s Quill , now through the end of March. Your first vote will be used to compile a “Sweet Sixteen” list of Rid...

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Cabaret 2017!


Ridge Art Show: Invaders: invasive plants and insects

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January 18, 2017

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Ridge's Lit and Art Zine