Lit Mag Poetry

We Look to the Clouds

We look to the clouds
Speeding on open highways
Surroundings blurring past us
We find solace in the tufts of radiating white sunbathing in the endless blue
The perfection of their shape

We look to the clouds
Seeing them as a moment
That will last forever
Not knowing just how wrong we are

Because with a brief glance down at our hands
Folded in our laps
The clouds have already moved
Never again to be in the same
Picture perfect snapshot in time

If we looked to the clouds
Documenting every single movement
Every foot, every inch
We would see
Clouds are ever changing
Always shifting
Never stopping
Not just a mere backdrop
For the dynamic foreground

We look to the clouds
As a place of stability
The still, stable lake
To the thrashing, unpredictable waves
So when we look to the clouds
And see them steadily shifting
They betray us
And we wonder
Why do things have to change?

But as heavy rain pelts down from sooty puffs
And thunder bellows and shakes the ground
We look to the clouds
And wonder
When will things change?
We look to the clouds as hope
A reminder
Life is always moving
This moment
Is just a moment

We look again to our hands
But they are no longer youthful or soft
They’ve been withered with age
Calloused with hardship
Merge onto Exit 36B
We glance up.
In 800 feet, turn right.
Your destination will be on the right.
Even as the car slows,
We look to the clouds
Still shifting.

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