The Devil's Quill

dead of Night, dancing Delight by Lael Keller

October 14, 2020

Deep in the forest, in the dead of night dreaming of dancing full of delight She moves like a fox without a sound and all around she’ll soon be found   Deeper she travels through the trees winter chills and a moonlight b...

Until the ocean waves goodbye by Lael Keller

October 14, 2020

The ocean flows And intuitively knows Where to go And through storms It keeps waving on So fierce and so strong Always moving along And like the ocean We have ebs and flows We have highs and lows And a light trap...


October 12, 2020

  There’s a moment when you realize the best feeling you will ever have won’t last forever. The shot of joy inside your head and arms that gets you sky high the natural way. It’s only a moment, so you try to drag it...

A Message From Your Landlady

Sarah Ouyang, Nonfiction Editor

June 8, 2020

Dear tenant, You have not paid rent for 18 years But that’s OK -- That’s alright with me, Because now the interest has accumulated And you’ll be slaving away for me For the rest of your life. I gave you not ...

I Hope You Find Your Voice Again by Caroline Laversa

March 16, 2020

I Hope You Find Your Voice Again I’m bad at painting my nails I think it’s because my hands used to shake They did that a lot Remember how the paint would be all over my fingertips You must have noticed, or maybe I told yo...

Describe by Austin Segal

March 9, 2020

Why can I describe you only by the scent of spring’s arrival, Of the outdoors fertile by pollen, Of newborn leaves alive and months from falling?   Why can I describe you only by streetlights illuminating ...

Not Fair and Lovely by Dhristi Raval

March 8, 2020

I will never be Fair and Lovely.   When I was 9 years old,  I wanted to be a Bollywood actress,  I was young and excited to pursue my dreams,  But little did I know they would come bursting at the seams. &n...

When the Moon Dreams by Lael Keller

March 2, 2020

The moon dreams of distant delights distinct with dreary day The water waves its wishes with the wind The brutal breeze blows bitter beams of woe The forest of trees standing silent still do know That beneath the mighty...

A Butterflies Magic by Lael Keller

February 24, 2020

A butterfly beats Slowly in my chest Tickling my swelling heart In the most sincere and simplest way A butterfly beats To save my swooning soul A butterfly beats And turns diamonds from coal A butterfly...

To Love or Not to Love

Julia Schnarr

February 3, 2020

To love or not to love, a path I choose with dismay. To let the memories of those I love go or keep warm in my mind during the day.   Youth marks our first encounters, Those so complicated, so profound. Those I don’...


Lael Keller, Co-president

January 6, 2020

Plop! Plop! Plop! Rain Rain come again Falling upon fragile rooftops Fading into sinful streams  Sighing a breathe of relief  This is the rain’s belief  That it can wash away All the insane pain Pausing in the midst of...


Julia Schnarr

December 2, 2019

Black street blue Bentley steady pace eerie night. Small bump cross roads trees stand upright. Slow down keep parked glow red  then green. Rain falls down window large car unseen. Speed up cause panic swerve left ...

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