Lit Mag Poetry


1: Hi.
How are you?
2: I’m good thanks, how are you?
1: I’m good too, thanks for asking.
2: bye.
1: How many of us lie with those words?
2: Sure they may sound nice
1: But are they actually meant?
2: No.
Cause if someone came up to you saying
1: Hi.
How are you?
2: You would NOT respond “I’m going to therapy, I have anxiety, this society is killing me”
You would respond “I’m good, thanks, and you?”
1: Because that is the norm
2: It is the etiquette expected
1: It is the needed dismenore
2: Hid the broken, the misshapen, the hurt behind the porcelain of a mechanical doll
1: No one wants to know your problems
2: No one truly cares
1: Hid the pain, the fear, the anxiety behind a mask and smile
1+2: They are just empty words flowing out of lips back and forth day in day out
1: No matter your feelings
2: No matter your life
1+2: You answer with GOOD
1: don’t stray from the norm
2: Don’t break the norm
1+2: DON’T DO IT
1: just smile and behave
2: the expression of perfection
1: hi
How are you
2: good, and you?
1: good, thank you
2: bye.


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