Lit Mag Poetry


What is time?
A part of the universe’s design?
Time is money they say
Yet it always goes away
Time only moves in one direction
Never time for any reflection
How to spend your time is yours to choose
But time is something that we can only ever lose

What is time?
Maybe it’s just a sign
Some say that time is a dimension
But three, x, y, and z, was enough to grab my attention
The Big Bang is where time began
And somehow it’s gone by faster than a sedan
Every day in school we spend 7 hours
It almost feels like we have no powers

What is time?
Is it same day shipping with Amazon Prime?
Blink for too long
And it’s all gone
But time is money they say
Yet I never have any today
And we all act like it’s fine
But that was 50 seconds of your time

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