Ridge Dance Team Wins Again: The New Kid Who Made the Judges Laugh

Once again, the award winning Ridge Dance Team won again at their first competition of the year at Starbound National Talent Competition. The jazz team (pictured above), won a high gold and placed first overall in their category. They wowed the judges with their upbeat and musical theater-like dance, titled, “The New Kid”, by Ms. Rachel.

This quirky dance is based off of the “new kid” in school who is just trying their best to fit in. However, the original students are so obsessed with their everyday school routine that they do not accept the new kid. It also doesn’t help that the new kid is dressed in wacky clothes (pictured above) and does silly looking dance moves.

Nevertheless, the rigid students start warming up to the new kid throughout the dance. During the climax of the dance, everyone joins the new kid and mirrors her wacky and silly dance moves. In the end, the students and the new kid are all dancing and having fun together, sending a message of acceptance and cheerfulness throughout the school.

Look out for the Ridge Dance Jazz Team at their next competition, Beyond the Stars!

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