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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby is a great American novel. A story so expressive of the Jazz Age–the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s depiction of the 1920s has captured the readers worldwide. The exploration of the American Dream, love, wealth and social hierarchy are open to multiple interpretations, and readers like myself continue to be brought back to this story to discover more on every reading.

Taken from the point of view of Nick Carraway, a man who moves from the Midwest to find a new life in the East, The Great Gatsby is told from a unique point of view where Carraway is a character within the book, but narrates on the main storyline. The book gains the perspective of Carraway’s thoughts on events that take place throughout the book as well as his thoughts on relationships between other characters such as Daisy and Gatsby. The book flips back and forth between Carraway’s relationships and other relationships and connects them in a smooth fashion that appeals to readers who enjoy understanding multiple perspectives in a book.

I personally love The Great Gatsby, it’s one of the books we read at school that I actually enjoyed. It’s a beautiful story of love and friendship and honestly feels like you’re being absorbed into Gatsby’s lavish lifestyle every time you read it. If you are in need of escapism, then why not become immersed in the world of Gatsby and see how allusive this story is nearly a century after its publication.

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