Speaking to Faye Fletcher About the Upcoming “Noises Off” Production

Devil’s Quill recently reached out to Faye Fletcher to discuss Ridge Drama Club’s upcoming production of Noises Off, as well as past shows.

I am a sophomore, and participated last year in both the play and musical. Drama Club was a safe space for me last year and getting cast as Dotty Otley only increased that love. This year for theatre, I’m excited for the audition process for the musical! I decided to take a year of dance to improve my dancing skills, something I absolutely suck at, so I’m excited to confidently dance at my audition! However, nothing compares to my excitement to portray Dotty this coming November. She is sassy and confident, yet embarrassed and insecure, and she is changing me as an actor. I love Dotty, and Noises Off!!!!!!!

-Faye Fletcher

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