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Tomato Takedown

The juicy red skin 

 of a luscious tomato

The pungent flesh 

 of that riveting, ripe fruit


The pleasure from sinking my teeth

 into its beautiful soft meat

There is no greater joy than

 eating a fresh, fragrant tomato


 Filled with juices, oozing into my mouth

 “Yum!” I said, enjoying my delightful snack

Filled with flavors, overflowing into my stomach,

 “Yum!” I reiterated, invigorated with tomato power


Suddenly, my world was shattered

I had caught sight of a horrific abomination


 On the packaging of my tomato, 

 three letters marked the addition of alien substances in my beloved

 How dare they violate my precious tomato,

 How dare they pollute my juices


My insides churned as bile pooled at the back of my throat

 I realized that my precious tomato was contaminated,

 that I was contaminated,

 that I was conned 


Three letters marked on the package, 

 The devil was speaking



No wonder these tomatoes were so large

No wonder their taste was so foreign and exotic

No wonder these tomatoes glowed in the dark

No wonder the man who sold them had five eyes


 I thought these tomatoes were homegrown

 With inexhaustible love and affection

 But in actuality, they were manufactured

 Created by unruly, unlawful corporations


The GMOs assaulted my taste buds, 

I keeled over, as a GMO seeped into my veins, 

 overcoming me


I writhed in pain

 as my body was transmogrified 

I withered into disarray 

 as my juices were sapped


Then, within an second, the process was completed

 My body was immobilized 

 My mind was evaporated


That was it! I was a tomato, filled with GMOs

 They had finally won

 I was no longer a person, but a chemical abomination

 Ready to infect the next poor soul

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