Wild Dreams

We wish
And wild dreams sprout from will
While waving away worries still
We wish wild dreams until
A sailor
Rows not far from shore
On a stormy night nor
Far from harbor
But the sailor
With wild dreams
The passionate sailor
Despite wailing winds worrying
Despite hidden caves and raging waves
Despite daunting darkness dampening
The sailors dream
The water seems to gleam
Sinful sirens scream
And through darkness
The sailer deems
He will live on
Him and his wild dream
It starts from a seed
Whether a flower or a weed
Whether it whines or bleeds
The seed
Will feed
From water by the stream
Flowing flawlessly
From singing sunbeams
From wild dreams
Wild dreams
Goodnight to you
Goodnight to me
Her comes wild dreams
Now close your eyes and go to sleep
Sleep tight
Sweet dreams tonight
Her comes wild dreams
Good night.
And dream
I love you.
So dream
Her comes wild dreams…

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