What is life?

Don’t look in the mirror. 

What is life? 

Don’t think. 


Maybe I’m sick.

Mom, take me to the doctor.

Maybe I’m sick.

Mom, I need bloodwork 

Maybe the doctors are wrong.

Mom, we need to check again. 


Did I lock the door?

I should check. 

Did I check?

Let me check again. 


I touched the counter.

Time to wash my hands.

I touched the floor.

Wash again.

I touched my greasy hair.

Wash again. 


The pain in my chest.

It’s because of stress?

No its not.

I’m not stressed

I’m not stressed.


It doesn’t feel real.

Nothing feels real.

Is anything real?

Nothing is real.


Am I a bad person?

I don’t want to be a bad person.

They say I’m not a bad person.

But what if I am a bad person. 

I think I’m a bad person.


Just let me crack my knuckles one more time

No do it again.

You have to do it again. 


I want to stop thinking.

It never ends.

It never goes away.

Think again.

Check again.

Think again.

Check again. 

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