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Why Major Supplement

Prompt: Why Major? (100 word supplement)

I’m interested in engineering because I am a physics enthusiast who is fascinated by the way mechanical pieces come together to create whole, functioning systems. I’ve explored this interest inside and outside of school through classes and projects where I’ve been able to bring my own designs to life. I love how this school allows students to take courses in different sectors of engineering and discover their passions. One of my passions that lies outside STEM is literature. A degree in engineering paired with a minor in English will enhance my problem-solving skills and allow me to tackle world problems.

Tips for Writing:
When you’re getting started on any essay that asks you about intellectual interests, it helps to think about the classes that you’ve most enjoyed and disliked to help narrow down your interests. Try to include one or two specific sentences that encapsulate your passions and if you’re not sure, then explain what you intend to explore. Make sure to keep the essay conversational yet brief because tight word counts don’t leave much space for additional fluff. Remember that answering the question is more important than eloquent rhetorical flourishes–of course if you can do both, then go for it!

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