Lit Mag Poetry

A Perfect Hug Available For All

To know or not to know-that is the question
A perfect man came here to die
God asked His son to do his bid
And follow through God’s master plan 
To save us all from sin and death
Is there love in this? Oh yes!

God asked and He said yes
I’ll die to save our loved ones souls
Though blood, and tears and mocking be
Oh crown of thorns that pierce my brow,
People don’t you hear?
I’ve come to save and bring you peace!
A chance of life- no bitter death.

I died with arms open wide
I wait for you to hug me back 
And call me savior, 
“thanks for saving me from death!”

People don’t you hear? 
God’s perfect love pouring out
In His living son Jesus Christ.

I can’t explain the pain He felt…
Or the third morning breath
But all I see is loyal love 
Holding strong even in death
Love on a cross, an open hug for all.

To know or not to know-that is the question.

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