The Devil's Quill

We Are Not Your Fragile Statues

Katherine Kim, Co-president

December 6, 2017

girls don't have iron in their veins iron rusts with change we do not girls don’t have gold in their hearts gold yields to fire we do not girls don’t have diamonds for bones crowds steal them away we remain we remain to topple p...


Audrey Raphaels, Co President

November 29, 2017

I looked upon his glass blue eyes, looking for a reason to stay, He held my waist and touched my cheek, telling me he’d only pray. He’d pray for my loyalty and prayed for my sanity, And wished upon a star I would never realize ho...

Breaking Glass Castles

Audrey Raphaels, Co President

November 29, 2017

I desired the affection you were unable to supply, I searched for the acceptance you couldn’t give, I pleaded for even the insignificant glances across the room, And the minuscule moments of harmony, Yet you seem...

Korean (?) American

Katherine Kim, Co-President

November 15, 2017

There’s always a pause right before someone says my name. I close my eyes, breathing my last gulp of air as a nameless student. Then it comes, the dreaded snarl of romanticized Korean, pulled and stretched like old gum on a...

a prophet’s laughter in a city burning

Katherine Kim, Co-President

November 7, 2017

they’ve taken her back shut her up in their vaults again the jewel that troy intended to mount upon its spoils of war they’ve given us chaos carved an unholy path of destruction that sent the walls of this city tumbling...

Mindfulness Poem

June 14, 2017

The past can be let go of The future can hold off Because it is only the present That gifts us with the reality of our own selves.

Michelle Li grade 9 Winner of the New Jersey Junior Classical League Convention Poetry Contest

May 22, 2017

Ridge 9th grader Michelle Li won the New Jersey Junior Classical League Convention's Poetry contest in May with her Latin poem about the 12 Olympians featured below. Congratulations Michelle! The Twelve Olympians  I am the god of ...


Henry Monk, Co-President

March 2, 2017

Nightshade, that’s it, Although our time was hardly perennial, Always either an addictive tobacco Or a belladonna with poison venial


Henry Monk, Co-President

February 24, 2017

a cavity wherein every joyous laugh and every sorrowful cry and every enraged scream fades into an empty susurrus.

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