Lit Mag Poetry

Wishes Do Come True

It’s 11:11

They say “make a wish”

I know I should hope for some other thing

but I still throw a silent whisper into the wind

and ask the Anemoi to bring it to you;

When I lie in a field of dandelions,

Your name still dances upon every single one;

The gold coin I toss down the well

Still bears your face carefully carved on its surface


They say if you tell someone your wish, it doesn’t come true

So I’ll fill this silence with something else:

Your laughter remains painted in gold

echoing through life’s canyon

Your voice, the one so powerful yet calm

coated with honey, commanding any room

Your smile turns the world on

like a light switch, illuminating colors


To be honest, it’s bittersweet

But at least when I look at you, 

I know my wish came true

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