Lit Mag Poetry


In the hush of a gray and misty mourn,

The rain arrives, a world reborn.

Droplets fall like nature’s tears,

A gentle symphony for listening ears.


Rippling puddles upon the street,

Reflections dancing at your feet.

The earth drinks deep in thirst’s release,

Nature’s blessing, a sweet increase.


Rain-kissed leaves, glistening bright,

Shimmering jewels in soft light.

Each drop a whisper, a tale to tell,

Of tranquil moments in a liquid spell.


Umbrellas bloom like colorful flowers,

Shielding from the watery showers.

In the rhythm of the rain, we find our way,

A soothing pause in the bustling day.


A gift from the skies, pure and clear,

Washing away doubt and fear.

As raindrops fall, the world’s made new,

In this age-old, ever-renewing dew.

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