Lit Mag Poetry


In this world so big,

We hardly know even a fraction 

Of the intricacies 

And subtle movements,

The interaction of the organisms

And the inorganic matter,

All working together to keep us alive. 

This world is full of gems,

Priceless treasures that we take for granted.

Especially the green gems,

Breathing life for us

Day in and day out while we snooze.

These graceful, silent giants

Beginning as the tiniest seeds

Growing into soaring monoliths, 

Spreading their wings above us in the breeze.


They ask nothing of us

And yet they make our lives possible. 

Not only does the oxygen they produce sustain us,

But their bodies provide us with 

Homes, furniture, and so much more. 

Like the metaphoric family tree they tell the story of life,

Their rings counting the years and showing 

Their endurance through wars, births, deaths,

The rise and fall of civilizations,

Pillars of strength and resilience.  

Trees are homes to birds and bugs

They feed and protect

Giving and nourishing each in their shadows.



Day by day 

we tear them down.

Day by day 

they fall to the ground

Long life cut short by the raging blaze and the thankless abound.

Ten million hectares of forest

Are lost every year. 

One football field of forest 

is lost 



In the space of time

Occupied by the words of this poem

60 seconds

Football fields

Of forest

Have disappeared. 

How many years 

Of growth and progress and resilience

Were destroyed in these last 60 seconds? 

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