The Devil's Quill

In the Silence by Jasmine Gill

February 3, 2020

“Matthias.” A man flicked at his match irritatedly. “What?” “Give me a light.” “You still have your pipe?” “Does it bother you?” The man settled deeper into his layer of fur coating. The neck of the match sn...

Division by Zero

February 9, 2019

If you try to divide by zero, it will split like broken glass. It will shatter in shards, And leave behind it a void. It envelops your eraser shavings, Your broken lead, The blood from your paper cuts, All your sins and ...


Hannah Zhang

December 18, 2018

guava tiny little watermelon-lime wrinkly light green old woman skin ruddy pink flesh with off-white seeds guava i don’t know what you taste like i’ve only ever smelled you as a candy and found you on Image...

Enter, the Kingdom of Nox

Nabil Majumdar

December 18, 2018

He gagged at the wretched taste of the obnoxious air, the poisonous vials of chemtech, the lifeline of the city, was also the thing contaminating it. The murky mist veiled the remnants of the jagged mountains, sapped of all natura...

Puppet Strings

Ryan Hargy

December 18, 2018

Puppet strings, they dance above                                                                          Suffocating, like a strangled dove.                                         ...

Darkness Dancing Down

Mia Porraro

December 17, 2018

Follow the beaten road Where flickering street lights line the way There you will find none who dare be around With rain pouring and darkness dancing down On the other side of the wooden doors nature cries Darkness holds every corner...


Julia Schnarr

December 17, 2018

Douglas and Jennifer ran from the car to the house that was home to their Nana and Papa. A plump house with a two palm trees that swayed to the sides. Bushes of purple and red zinnias sprouted in front of the dainty Florida ranch. ...

the garden of life

Erin Flaherty

December 17, 2018

The world is dirt Yet I’ve seen the greatest of flowers Spring up from its soil   And she was the loveliest flower. From the broken earth she bloomed And grew into something so much more Than ...

Lightning’s Apprentice: Part I Chapter 1 (Stay tuned for more…)

Max Kevelson

December 17, 2018

“T’was a dark and stormy night, deep in the bowels of the Cave of Darius the Stormbr-” "No it wasn't" “I'm sorry, normally I try to make your life seem interesting.” "Even if it isn't that interesting, it's still my life! Speaking of which, where did you come up with that cave name? ‘The Cave of Darius the Stormbreaker'? It’s like something out of a fantasy novel." “This is a fantasy novel Damion. You’re the protagonist and I’m your helpful sidekick/voice in your head, Narrator.” said Narrator.



December 17, 2018

silver thread

Hannah Zhang, Poetry Contributor

December 14, 2018

a caterpillar inches along my windowsill. thunder murmurs in the distance, excited by the pattering of gray rain. he is small and brown, with lint stuck to his belly, and it looks as if half of him is gone, limping along the ro...

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