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Do You Still Love Me?

The door closed with a loud thud and she rested her back against its glass pane. She brushed her hand through her hair and took multiple deep breaths before hearing slight footsteps coming from her left. A tall figure appeared along with the footsteps; a girl with long black hair tucked behind her ears and a cozy sweater. “You’re home pretty late-” Willow said before she caught a glimpse of her girlfriend at the door, struggling to catch her breath. She looked her from head to toe and saw her face had splatters of blood along her cheeks, and her dress also soaking in red. “What happened?! Did someone hurt you?!”

The woman kept her gaze on the floor. “He couldn’t. At least I didn’t let him” she responded stoically.

“Who!? Oh my lord Annalise… where are you bleeding from?” She got closer and inspected her girlfriend’s body to find any open wound. Willow was careful as she touched over where there was visible blood before hearing a small murmur from Annalise. “What did you say?” She said and looked her in the eyes to ensure she had actually said something.

“It’s not my blood” Annalise repeated quietly, “Like I told you. I didn’t let him hurt me.” The chuckle she gave after her statement made Willow take a few steps back and looked around in disbelief.

“Lise… What did you do?”

She hesitated and took a step forward, still not looking at Willow.

Willow took another step back, being pinned against their entrance table.

“I can’t believe I was able to do it. All I had to do was lure him in and it was as simple as that. The fool didn’t even get a second to know what was happening” she looked sharply up at Willow with a hollow look before breaking a small smile. “You know… I thought it was going to be harder, that he was going to put up a fight,” she scoffed and reached down to her thigh. She lifted the hem of her dress slightly before revealing a holster with a drenched knife on her left thigh. She took the handle of the knife and slowly began to ensheath it. “He can’t hurt me anymore can he Willow?” The look in her eyes remained dark, but her face was covered in sorrow and hurt. Willow’s eyes widened, unknowing of what to do or whether or not she was safe. “Say something babe,” Annalise took a step closer, tightening her grip on the knife, “Don’t tell me you’re scared to be around me now… all I did was get rid of him.”

“…Who?” Willow managed to gulp out, she did her best to keep her eyes off her to at least avoid seeing anything that could possibly happen.
Annalise scoffed, “The man who has hurt me the most. You knew this was coming darling, don’t act so surprised” She grabbed Willow’s cheeks and forced her to make eye contact with her, “My father.”
Tears started running down Willow’s face as she was being pushed harder against the table, with an expression of pure fear. “Don’t hurt me…” she whispered.

“Hurt you? Why would I do that? After all, I love you… don’t you?” She forced Willow’s face forwards and gave her a small peck surrounding her tears. Willow didn’t say anything, still taking the entire situation in. “You do love me right?” Annalise asked again more sternly, “Right?”
Willow nodded slowly, feeling Annalise’s grip start to relax until she finally let go. “Good. I’m going to go ahead and get cleaned up, you better make yourself look pretty for a little date night” she said with an unsettling smile.

“Oh ok…” Willow watched as Annalise went upstairs to their bedroom before running over to the kitchen where she had left her phone. She quickly dialed in 9-1-1. Three rings went by before she got an answer, “9-1-1 what’s your emergency?”

Before she could talk she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen before letting out a scream. A hand went over her mouth and her phone ripped away from her with another.

“Those who love each other, don’t betray one another, do they darling?”

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