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University of Maryland Supplemental

Prompt (University of Maryland – College Park)  

My favorite thing about last Thursday was…* (650 characters)


Savoring the delightful combination of sweet lotus seed paste and the subtle saltiness of the egg yolk as the moon shined from above, casting a warm glow on our Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. After a large dinner in celebration of reunion with family, our feast was complete with a diverse assortment of plump mooncakes, each brimming with different fillings: from the classic red bean paste to the perennial favorite lotus seed paste, and even a modern twist with chocolate, all adorned a salted egg yolk, a symbol of unity.

Tips for Writing

The most valuable lesson that I gained from the supplemental writing process was to cultivate a genuine passion for everything that I was involved in. Whether it’s a seemingly tedious chore you have to do or an extracurricular that doesn’t seem the most interesting, fall in love with the activity. Pick up little areas of your activity that are meaningful to you and not to anyone else. These cherished moments will serve as the foundation for your essays. In the case of this particular supplement, which offered a broad spectrum of possibilities and topics to choose from, I decided to approach this prompt with what I love most about spending time with my family and the details of how my family celebrates a holiday. I thought the most effective approach to this essay was to center the essay on an event that’s important to my identity. That way, admissions officers can learn a little bit more information about me, even in 650 characters. 

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