The Devil's Quill


Jack dePoortere

November 12, 2015

Alone Amidst the nameless faces Lost and scared Groping for some familiarity He the lonesome drifter The dust in the wind Knows no home And has only ever known his family Ages ago In a past life As this one drifts...


Jack dePoortere

October 28, 2015

The brick wall He smashes his head against Yelling to himself For normality The fork in the road where He must choose his new beginning Fogged by disillusions Screaming in his ears This is the end The road stops here Your...

Pillars of the Earth Book Review

Emma McGeough

September 29, 2015

When first looking at The Pillars of the Earth, it may seem like a daunting read. With over 1000 pages, the book is certainly intimidating-- especially to high school kids. However, The Pillars of the Earth ended up being our ...

Morristown Festival of Books

Paul Molander

September 27, 2015

If you think there is nothing to do in Basking Ridge, think again. In just 15 short minutes you can be at the Morristown Festival of Books on October 2nd and 3rd. On Friday, October 2 at 7:30 pm listen to Pulitzer Prize-winning...

Follow the Fallen

Andrew McGowan

June 18, 2015

Let free the jailed dreams Lost behind some city street side cathedral Where coffins and vacant tombs lie waiting to be filled And angels and devils swap souls for nickels Then follow me down the straight line But know that...

The Creeper

Andrew McGowan

June 16, 2015

The fire is burning out But the smoke is black as night I can barely breath I can hardly speak All I see is a dark silhouette That vividly resembles the curves of your body All eyes are on me But my eyes are sewn shut And...

The Catcher

Andrew McGowan

June 15, 2015

For miles and miles through this city I’ve walked And now I ask you if we can simply just talk I’ve pondered with enemies and fought with friends Loosening the strings of already loose ends I’ve danced with strangers...

Barking Back

Andrew McGowan

June 15, 2015

Rupture me on this mountain top For I have seen the woods Spending sleepless nights and restless days in your forest I dare you to challenge my capacity I stand here, begging you to qualify what I have become My ability to...

When the Devils Come Out at Dusk

Andrew McGowan

June 9, 2015

Cease from daylight Watch the sun set in raging anticipation Knowing that you have seen greater heat Aching to feel such pain one more time Then stare the enemy dead in the eye Let them see the fearless fire within your pupils Soon...

The Scarecrow

Andrew McGowan

June 7, 2015

Look into these burned and blackened feathers to see That I am not a crow I am a raven Summoned here as an omen for your death I swoop and soon through the dead trees Then rest myself on this broken branch And cackle to...

Tomorrow’s End

Emily York

May 4, 2015

What if reality really did not exist?  What if our existence was governed by shape-shifting aliens and advanced technology?  Enter the Timeweb, a super-computer able to influence every decision, control every outcome and know...

Chaos Theory

Emily York

May 4, 2015

Running a Chaos Theory experiment in a high school locker isn’t exactly the extracurricular activity most teenagers would pursue.  Gifted with a passion for knowledge, extreme intuition, and never-ending curiosity, seventeen-year-old...

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