“The Inheritance Games” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Mysteries, plot twists, greed, ambition, and an analysis of human nature—The Inheritance Games might appeal to fans of the hit movie, Knives Out, or anyone interested in an entertaining, lighthearted YA read. 

Avery Grambs, a humble, orphaned girl, suddenly finds her life intertwined with the enigmatic and very wealthy Hawthorne family after Billionaire Tobias Hawthorne leaves majority of his will to her. Yet, she’s never met him or the family for that matter. Forced to live in the Hawthorne manner for a year, Avery finds herself amongst hidden passages, odd requirements, riddles, the media who won’t leave her alone, and a family with distinct personalities. Barnes constructs an intriguing story that invites readers to unravel mysteries alongside this protagonist.

However, despite how creative the puzzles are, Avery solves them by chance—not by wittiness, intelligence, or skill. In the majority of the novel, she happens to stare at the right painting at the right time or coincidently steps on a loose board that reveals another clue. Contrary to Tobias Hawthrone, she is no mastermind. But don’t let that deter you from enjoying the underlying mystery throughout the book: why her? Avery is the vessel for the mystery. 

Although the marketing of The Inheritance Games suggests that it is identical to Knives Out, I would say that The Inheritance Games is a more surface level, lighthearted YA take on the greed and cleverness in humanity. If you have a couple hours to kill, I think The Inheritance Games is the perfect solution. 

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