Interviewing Tally Lake, Vice President of Ridge Tech Crew, About Preparing for “Something Rotten”

Q:What are the tech crew’s main responsibilities preparing for or during the show?

A:Tech crew is responsible for programming all the lights and lighting effects that go on during the show, we also focus on the sound effects and microphones, making sure you can see and hear everything that is going on. Tech crew does a lot of work in the week right before the show, which means working fast and diligently.

Q:Does the tech crew ever run into unexpected challenges while the audience is watching?

A:In past shows we have definitely run into many issues. Tech crew especially can run into big problems if a piece of equipment breaks. During one of our musicals our main lead’s microphone broke during her solo and we ended up needing to give her a new microphone.

Q:What has made Something Rotten different from other shows the drama club has done?

A:Something Rotten includes a lot of tap dancing, which is something newer to Ridge Drama Club. Specific to tech crew, we have been trying to advance the technology and skills that make the show better.  

Q:What has been the most challenging part of Something Rotten so far?

A:Something challenging about Something Rotten is making sure everything is done, there is a lot to be done for the show to be good and everything runs smoothly.

Q:What are you most looking forward to about show night?

A:Something I am looking forward to is seeing the show come together, especially when I am worried about a specific scene, but in the end it comes out perfect. I also always love seeing the crowd’s reactions to the scenes I have helped put together. 

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