High School Musical: The Full Collection

In 2019, Ridge Drama Club put on the theatrical adaption of Disney Channel’s High School Musical. This official recording was created by Ridge Productions, making it Ridge’s first show recorded and edited by Ridge students.

This official recording has amassed over 400,000 views on YouTube and was even featured in a 2019 Vox article about the cultural legacy of High School Musical!
Read about the process of shooting and editing this official recording in this blog post: Theatre on Film: Two Media Unite

  • Director of Recording: Austin Segal
  • Cinematographers: Emma Bertram, Kira Govindaraju, Austin Segal, & Mohinder Singh
  • Video Editor: Austin Segal
  • Sound Editor: Mr. Harvey
  • Advisor: Mr. Ortega

Austin Segal produced promotional videos for this show:

Following the show’s success, Ridge Drama Club performed “We’re All in This Together” at Ridge’s 2019 Pep Rally:

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