About Ridge Drama Club

Hi! I’m Samantha, the First Hand of the Ridge Drama Club Costume Crew! 

Joining Ridge Drama Club’s Costume Crew was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made! I love everyone involved in the crew, and honestly everyone in the entire club. Drama Club is like one giant family, and I always look forward to our meetings, even during the craziness of tech week! It’s amazing to see how everything comes together and watching it all come to life makes me so proud. As for what we do, it’s so much fun learning how to sew, do hair and makeup, as well as mastering quick changes for the actors backstage. I’ve found that many of the things I’ve learned have been helpful in everyday life too, which is really nice. Overall, I just really enjoy being a part of the club and will definitely be a part of every show I can until I graduate!
 – Samantha Babcock (First Hand of Costume Crew)

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