Overcoming Limitations Coffee House- Submit Work and Participate!

Tell Your STORY of overcoming limitations at the Overcoming Limitations “Coffeehouse” Fundraiser

Women’s Education Project will be hosting the Overcoming Limitations “Coffeehouse” Fundraiser on June 23rd @ 450 King George Rd (Basking Ridge, NJ)  @ 4 PM.  and they want you to participate.

Ridges’ own Arohi Dandawate is involved in organizing this fundraising event for The Women’s Education Project, an organization based in New York that supports girls in India by providing supplemental learning after school.

 Arohi invites Ridge students to attend  and contribute to the fundraiser by sharing their experiences connected to the theme “Overcoming Limitations” – something the girls in the WEP program do every day!

You may:

  • Narrate a related story from your own life

  • Perform a  personal poem on the topic

  • Deliver a related speech

  • Perform a related song

If you would like to perform please fill out the form at the following link

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