Lit Mag

Your Eyes

What beautiful eyes you have
Dark chestnut, umber browns
A deep mysterious pool of life
Your amplifying black pebbles hidden
     from view, washed away
By the vibrancy of the muddled
A ray       [waves]       of light
Shines a penetrating and – 
     illuminating view into the
  murky depths
Do you know what lives at the bottom of the ocean?
Discovery channel has given me some ideas
It is creature so strange 
and different that their beauty 
betwixes all
They are described in illustrious 
words – and it always comes 
as a shock
“How could something so beautiful come from 
such a cold, ugly, bland place?”
Their mistake is their perception of the sea
The dark, mysterious depths which 
house these magic creatures
Is the true beauty that all seem to push aside
It’s the passionate darkness that brings these wonders to life

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