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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby is an exciting story of the Jazz age and the residents of the wealthy West Egg. While most of the people reading this have definitely heard of the Great Gatsby, giving it a read (whether you have to for your American Lit class or not) will definitely be worth your while.

The thrilling yet bittersweet tales of Daisy, Jay Gatsby, and our narrator, Nick Carraway, will be sure to enthrall any reader, even if you are just starting to read the classics or even if you aren’t normally into reading. This book features themes about wealth in the roaring 20’s and the idea of the American dream, so if you are interested in literature on these topics it may be a good pick. The plot of this book will never leave you yawning, and it’s ending will leave everyone reading both morose and shocked all at once.

Although there are a lot of details in the particular style of writing that Fitzgerald employs- that need special attention in order for you to fully appreciate the plot’s progression- the glamorous and thought-provoking world Fitzgerald crafts will definitely make this one of the best books you’ll read at Ridge. 

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