Short Fiction


Douglas and Jennifer ran from the car to the house that was home to their Nana and Papa.
A plump house with a two palm trees that swayed to the sides.
Bushes of purple and red zinnias sprouted in front of the dainty Florida ranch.
Papa loved to garden and took good care of his home.
The door swung open and he shouts, “Hey, kids!” He had waited all day to see them.
He’s greeted with, “Papa! Papa! Hi!”
He was a dark-haired sap.
The man went by Louis.
He was Italian.
He always got the egg.
With wide arms, he greeted them.
He pulled them close and hugged them tight with strong arms and kisses their cheeks and pulls from his pocket a wallet.
“A quarter for your studies in school!” he places one in both their palms.
“And a chocolate bar for you too!”
The kids rejoiced at the gifts and he kissed them once more. He patted Douglas on the head and pinched Jennifer’s cheek.
They went inside and kissed Nana on the cheek in her chair watching the newest programs on television.
The couch awaited them.
They jumped atop of the green couch with the sticky squeaky couch cover that was always draped over it.
They began to open their candy bars to munch on.
“Not on the couch!” Nana always made everyone eat in the kitchen.
They had one living room, one kitchen, and one guest room. No one was supposed to go in the guest room except the guests.
After the adults chatted and finished the mangia among the delicious sausages for lunch, the kids and Louis went in the back of the yard to play croquet.
Douglas was good at aiming.
Jennifer was good at hitting.
Papa was good at enjoying watching them play.
He loved them
he was their Papino
their grandfather.

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