Lit Mag Short Fiction

A Modest Proposal Parody

Hiiiii Sisters! Just your typical, basic Gen Z kid here and welcome back to my Youtube channel! I have some MAJOR tea to spill. Not to flex on you or anything, buuttttt I was having a lit juul sesh yesterday and then this middle-aged woman had the nerve to come up to me and tell me that juuling is bad for me. Actually, Karen, you know what, it’s just flavored water vapor and there isn’t anything bad in it. Old people these days always complain about high schoolers juuling and it’s seriously not even a problem, so idk what the big deal is. 
I also don’t even know why kids go to college or even high school anymore because you don’t need any of those useless skills in life. Like seriously who needs to know how to read, write and do arithmetic or whatever that is when you can just look it up. It’s such a waste of time if you’re just going to be a social media influencer like me. And like the same idea with actually spelling out words. Why bother typing out you or your when u can just type u and ur??? And how would anyone know how you truly feel about something if you didn’t add excessive punctuation?!?!?!  
Oh yea, I totally forgot another story I wanted to tell you guys that was from earlier today. Some random person with wired earbuds walked up to me and tried to talk to me, and I had to ask them to repeat what they said like five times because I had my airpods in and I don’t speak broke.
This video is sponsored by Gucci cause I just partnered with them. Sorry to flex but they just sent me the new, diamond studded, limited edition Gucci belt that cost over $2,000, and I got it for free. So yea, if you don’t have one, turn off this video right now and go to to buy one or we can’t be friends cause it is literally such a necessity. 
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