Words To Live By

Walk the world with your chin held high,

endless bounce in your step,

fire in your eyes.

Let your heart guide you,

but don’t allow your emotions to

make you lose sight of the logical.


Words can cut

but don’t let them scar.

Dreams can be temporarily forgotten

but don’t them die.

You may be beaten down,

time and time again,

but keep fighting

until your final breath.


Show compassion to all those that you meet,

for there may be some unseen tumult

within them.

Cherish your relationships

and those who you encounter-

each one has a lesson to teach you.


Find peace with yourself

and with your past;

the future holds so much more weight

than 7th grade ever did.

Find joy in the moment,

in the little things.

Take in the sights,

the smells,

the noises.

The world will only remain this way

for a single, fleeting moment.


And strive to experience happiness

in all that you do,

for to be truly happy

is the greatest gift of all.

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