When the Devils Come Out at Dusk

Cease from daylight
Watch the sun set in raging anticipation
Knowing that you have seen greater heat
Aching to feel such pain one more time
Then stare the enemy dead in the eye
Let them see the fearless fire within your pupils
Soon they will realize in a cold sweat of terror
That they are not opponents; they are mere victims
Do not deny them their right to run
Allow them to hide away in their darkest corners
Give them permission to shout out for help
But all will be for nothing
Because soon that sun will set and darkness will cover all
Then even the deepest and darkest pit could not blind us
We will smell their odor of horror and despair within our shadows
And our roars will echo out into the night
So let them go
Let them fool themselves
Because come nightfall nobody will be safe
When the devils come out at dusk

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