Water’s Glow

A faint song sounds a little away
a man walks by and starts to say,
“what a beautiful voice, what a wonderful sound—“
but he never did finish for he dropped to the ground
in a fight to resist the urge of the voice
calling him closer to a terrible choice
closer, closer, to the water’s edge
he struggles to resist the chanting pledge
on a day so silent so still and serene
so warm so flawless with a sunlight gleam
a little evil arises as it always does so
full of surprises and a water’s glow
with no one around there was no one to call
he’d soon be gone like he’d not been there at all
the luring song rang in his ears only
drawing him near, “you don’t want to be lonely”
entrancing him now his toes in the water
faster and faster the day’s getting hotter
deeper and deeper he’s going down
depths of darkness and the voice surrounds
another victim passed and forever long gone
to the enticing voice behind the Siren’s Song

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