To Read or Not to Read

To read or not to read- that is the question:
Whether ‘tis easier to put the book down
And put a hold on what is happening inside of it,
Or indeed keep going with the adventure
And, by continuing, finish the book.
To forget, to continue-
No more- and by letting go to say I see
The other things outside of the books world
Which goes on everyday-
‘Tis a situation
I do not wish to face.
To read, to learn-
To read perhaps too far, Ay there’s the problem,
For in over-reading what different things could occur
When we are buried nose-deep in a book
Must make us hesitate.
That’s the view
That warrants it so harmful to keep reading
For who really wants to face the real world
The difficult problems
With no easy and right answers
The general blandness of life going too slow
The homework that must get done
The people that expect you to do something proactive
And the jealous glances
Of those who did not find out the finale of the series
When it was perfectly in their power to read
After homework was done each night
Who would listen to the real world’s call,
And be taken from a place of magic and wonder,
But to find that something dreadful happened while you read,
Events you do not know
Which everyone talks about
And you just stand there listening to them
Wishing that you did stop reading
Instead of finishing the chapter
The chance of missing out makes us all put the books down
And stop the reading for pleasure
And lose the excitement in favor of a world of flatness

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