The Men

I am woman

“Exploited” from is in my dictionary exclusively

Every single day


Tries of The Man to push me down

Attempts to induce Scars to my Beautiful 

And yet

The men fail 

Because I am Confident, Like a Girl

They Can’t Hold us Down

Because my life is my Fight Song

I am a Q.U.E.E.N, indeed

I will survive undoubtedly

Rebel Girl, I certainly am

In his dreams, I say “You don’t Own Me”

Truly, I am alike my kin

Really, Girls Just Wanna have Fun

We are all ***Flawless

We are a Bo$$

And thus, we Run the World

I am Brave

I will Roar

Never Sit Still, Look Pretty

I desire to Love Myself 

To all those unaware,

God is a Woman, beware

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