The Catcher

For miles and miles through this city I’ve walked
And now I ask you if we can simply just talk
I’ve pondered with enemies and fought with friends
Loosening the strings of already loose ends
I’ve danced with strangers and walked up to my home
To find my brother’s dead and I’m all alone
And I’ve heard it through a tone with spurious sagacity
Telling me to live life with a certain sweet tenacity
They scream in my head as the carousel turns
Haunting my existence as my stomach burns
And I want to cross the street but I don’t think that I will make it
Because I’ve met that point in life when you’re too tired to fake it
And may I question a thought or is it a crime
To ask about ducks and ice in the wintertime?
But maybe it’s time to start following the rules
And draw the line between the phonies and the fools
And let me catch them before they fall
If death does greet them before their call
So children please heed me before you do run
I could have just ended it all with a gun
But loneliness is only good when you’re young
And being crazy was always too much fun

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