The Bird and The Child

Once a bird was soaring high
In the brilliant blue sky
Spotting love with it’s gleaming eye
The bird turned left one sunny day
And soared for long, up, up and away
And never once did it sway
Until the sky turned slight a grey
The longer it flew
the colder it grew
And never it knew
The meaning of the burning hue
For the sky had turned a darker shade
And then the bird strayed and swayed
Under the sky of indigo jade
It froze midair afraid
Now the bird was lost
It’s wings stung with frost
It’s curiosity payed the cost
A fragile line of crazed it crossed
It began to shake
It’s faded feathers drowned in lakes
Trying too hard to make
It’s way back awake
Now the breeze was blowing
the bird whichever way, not knowing
Where it was now going
How the current was flowing
Across the skies and on the ground
It could not find it’s way
Down deep valleys and darkened depths
Its could not find it’s way
Through rivers, streams and gleaming ocean beams
It could not find it’s way
Not in the day
Not in the dark
Ba-boom ba-boon ba-boon
Went its heart
Until the sky was midnight blue
That soon became an indigo hue
It grew too tired
For long it had flew
Until nothing left was true
The wind had stopped
down it fell
Through a cobblestone well
It fell
The fall was short
As the journey had been long
And the bird no longer strong
Knew not where it went wrong
And yet it did
Have one last song
And its sang until it’s heart
slowed to a beat a minute
It sang until it’s eyes could no longer see
It sang until it could no longer be
It sang for all eternity

Comes by a small child
One winter night
It’s toes
Stung in the snow
Were frozen so cold
The child lost
No mother, father, sister, brother
No money, home
no place to go
In the bitter freezing cold
The child’s eyes were teary
From being so weary
From trying to survive
To stay alive
The child crossed a river
Then ran through a field
Leaving footsteps in the snow
of years trodden with abusive woe
Underneath the starry sky
The child glad to be alive
Despite being so deprived
Never saying why-oh-why
And staring at the moonlit night
With endless fields of milky snow
Glittering with tears washed then so
The child cried for it’s burning toe
On the child went
Just a bit further
And came to a stop
At a cobblestone well
Stepping inside
For it was not deep
The child curled aside
Then cried and cried
And cried
In the corner the child saw a bird
With silver feathers like a silver lining
On such a day with a golden sun shining
the child then began reclining
Until it touched the bird
For which the child went to hold
Their hearts connected through an embrace
Together they could be
Now the bird, the moon, the night
Was all the child could see
Ba-boom ba-boom ba-boom
Went the child’s heart
The child softly started to sing
For a small of amount of joy to bring
And its sang until it’s heart
slowed to a beat a minute
It sang until it’s eyes could no longer see
It sang until it could no longer be
It sang for all eternity
The child and the bird
The bird so close to the child’s heart
Which slowly, softly began to start
From the warmth of both creatures
Now both hearts began to beat
Their eyes began to open
Then gazed into each other’s eyes
Each now a lifetime wise
With their strengths’ renewed
The the bird took the child
And they flew
And flew and flew
And they flew

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