the amiable lilac bush

Stumbling out of the forest, I came upon a meadow
With the sun shining above and the grass green below.
In the middle of this fresh, flowery field stood a lilac bush:
Purple, tall, and proud.

I set down my blanket before it and pull out my picnic basket.
Half for me, half for the lilac bush, both wrapped in gingham:
Pastries and little sandwiches, fizzy drinks and chocolates.
Treats for them and I.

The lilac bush sways in the wind as if in conversation,
Its violet blossoms dancing, moving in an unheard song
And I frolicked along too, twirling and whirling with them.
We spun along together.

But the sun sank in the sky, turning it from perfect teal to fire
I packed up my basket and left it next to the lilac bush, for
Tomorrow when I return we will sway in harmony again
My amiable lilac bush.

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