Shadow Life

There’s my shadow
Row, row, row
Against the wind
Go, go, go
No more that I know
And here lies the life
of a shadow
Does my shadow have dreams?
Does she long to sing under the sun?
Does my shadow blink and bat her eyes
To all the handsome harrowed shadow men?
I know that you and I are intertwined
For life
So let’s learn together how to end
All strife
I’ll lead you into the light
If you forgive all fears and fright
We can work together
To make our future
“Oh, but don’t you understand,
That I’m a shadow
I lie low and I cry so
You don’t have to drown.
I’m a shadow
I feed on fears
So you can have happy years
I take away your pain”
“It doesn’t have to be this way
Please step into the realm
Of reality
Where beastly beings boast
And shallow seedlings coast
And empty smiles hide ghosts
But loving laughter overpowers most
If only you could hold my hand
I could lead the way”
“Shadow life
Is not sunshine
Shadow life
Is now rainbows
Shadow life
Is a mountain we climb each day
A broken desire fading away
A ceaseless battle and where either side
may never win.
Shadow life is a beaten, bruised
But beautiful beam of belief
Our thoughts are yours but reflect
Here all uncertainty is rife
Step inside the shadow life.
I dare you to step inside
To this mesmeric malefic realm
That I abide”
Step inside
for this is my
Shadow life

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