Why live life in a box when you can break walls of glass castles?
Because perfection should be quiet and linear?
Though all great ideas were created in realms where
diversity and boldness were rewarded with gold.
Do you live in a world where the smeared image of perfection fades
as society warps into recklessness?
Beautiful chaos should be welcomed into open arms,
instead of being locked away in the dark and cold solidarity it is now.
Splashes of color were meant to be placed in abstraction
because the colors were created to be between black and white,
not hidden from the light.
How can life be spent following rules and encouraging children to color inside the lines?
There is more than half a masterpiece outside the lines waiting to be colored,
and that has been lost in the translation of originality.
Unnoticed beauty like clear skies and laughter has been lost
in the fear of spilling, dropping, and losing the pieces of your masterpiece.
Refuse to enter the world with unoriginality
when you can enter with a storm of ideas and creativity.
The journey hasn’t even begun, yet the wheels have already slowed their turning,
all because of the crippling fear of failure.
But the wheels will not stop turning;
we as a whole deserve gold for our risks in the black and white world we live in.
Continue to grow, stop to fight,
prepare to unleash the wildness in your heart.

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