Ocean Abyss

Blue ocean nights
Staring out into the sunset
As the water waves goodbye
And all there was left
Was you and I

I looked out into the vast world
Beyond our smitten eyes
And saw past the world of lies
Into the fiery violet skies

Our hands interlocked 
Like roots in the ground
Like two weeping willow trees
Our branches blown by the breeze
Will you follow me forever, please?

But thunder rolls at half past nine
Lighting flashes fierce like the sea
You hold me tight like we’ll be fine
But this is as fine as we’ll ever be

Waves are crashing
Skies are dashing
Dancing across your pillow
As you weep like a willow

You find yourself in the middle of the sea
It’s a dream but your free as can be
Mermaid tears, firefly kiss
Two years you’ll never miss
Because this is bliss
Rejoicing in the rain
Forgetting all our pain
Before midnight comes your train

I hope you dream forever
I hope you dream of me
I hope this feeling lasts
And that you never miss 
The water’s wave
The night conclave
The sea water’s kiss
Gently from the ocean abyss

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