New and Lost

The bottom is where you started
Nobody begins at the top
Lack of experience, confused, self conscious, intimidated
Don’t deny the feelings we have all felt before
Here comes another one
Lost in the middle of the hustle and bustle
Eyes wandering to and fro
Absorbing the sights of the older, the bigger, the stronger, the better
Paranoia coursing through her mind
A million questions run through her head, threatening to seep out her mouth
Knocking on her lips, pounding to be released
No one notices though
As she stands by herself in the midst of it all
Older kids laugh and talk
In large circles and groups they gather to gossip
Yelling obnoxiously
Chatting obliviously
Oblivious to anyone else
Oblivious to other sounds or talk of teachers around them
Utter disregard to lost and helpless newcomers
The strong do not grow stronger by disregarding the weaker
Be nice to the less experienced, the less knowledgeable
Help them out, because once upon a time that girl was you.

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