Lovely Life-Spans

I still dwell on the day we met

I was buying groceries from the spice market

Your eyes met mine and it began

The love that would last my entire life-span


Lying with you under the poppy fields

Waiting for the adventures that life yields

Promising we’ll be together hand in hand

So our love would last our entire life-span


We watched the pink salmons swim downstream

And decided to speak of each of our dreams

You wanted a child that’d grow to become a man 

So he could find love that would last his life-span


My dream was to share my life with you

And gift you a Malabar ring so you know it’s true

That to wed to you is my plan

So that our love will last our life-span


Yet in a glance, you were gone

Drifting down into the coral dawn

While I was left stranded on the sand 

The remnants of your life-span crumbling in my hand


I couldn’t accept it proudly 

That you are among the rosy clouds

But my love for you won’t ever disband

And will last beyond your life-span


Like a god is to  ambrosia nectar

My soul will one day go back to yours

Our eyes will meet and our love will never end 

Lasting our eternal lifespan

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