Life’s Blessings

Beatles music, loving other people.
Having a hilarious sister.
Mom’s dinner.
Dad’s BB gun.
New Yorkers.
Movies that make me cry.
Imagining myself stuck on a boat
in the middle of geometry.
The calls to your relatives who say
I love you
before I do.
New shoes.
The smell of pine-
Christmas lights in the fronts of yards.
Hiding underneath a church pew
in the eve.
Someone else playing a piano.
Trippy dreams about smoking weed
with Johnny Depp even though
I’ve never smoked weed.
The full moon.
Trees in the wind.
Dogs, some cats.
A captivating book.
Having water when you’re thirsty
at the right time
which would be the night time.
The Bible.
A laugh that is really unique
and for that, I want to make
that person laugh all the time
so I can hear it over and over.

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