No act of kindness no matter how small goes unnoticed
The smallest act of kindness can change the world
It can change the world
In the right direction
But who is kindness?
She is the one who picks up a strangers book after he dropped it the hall
While the others walk past and laugh.
She glistens with a smile to brighten someones day
She does not judge
Nor does she want to be judged.
Her luscious long, blonde hair was donated to those in need
She has a true concern for others from the bottom of her heart filled with love
She is the one who gives to the homeless, rather than just walking by
She always uses manners- and truly means it
She will offer someone her seat on the bus
or even help the elderly lady struggling to carry her groceries to the car
She has the power to rule the world just by being herself
But most importantly,
Kindness is the best gift you can ever give to somebody.

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