It’s Cold Today


I’m really cold today. 

My hands are numb and it hurts to type.

It’s burning down my neck, 

Down my spine, 

My feet are cold. 

Everything is cold.


The girl offered to hold my hands, 

To warm me up.

It made me shiver. 


My brain is freezing, 

I can’t think of anything,

Besides the cold.

The muscles in my fingers are seizing 

The feeling of my fingers pressing on my forehead,

Are burning into my skull, 

Into my brain. 


It’s spreading, 

Spreading from every corner of my body, 

I can feel it everywhere and nowhere. 

I’m turning blue and I can’t move. 

In the tips of my fingernails,

And the knuckles of my hands.

I can’t breathe. 


I’m really cold today, 

And it’s almost unbearable.

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