Gender Poem

Grains of sand washed away in the tide and I weep at escaping foam 

I see dotted fish that graze at liberty and wish I was that free

The pearly seafoam wraps my body in an ever-changing dress

If I was a fish then I would live in the water allowed chance to be carefree

The salt that stings the wounds of some is to me a well-known treat

If I was at sea I could live alone with no deniers of my true identity


Moon reveal hidden shell of beauty past and through the sand I comb

The waves go over my head and water squeezes my lungs with a wheeze

This life I live feels like an eternally confusing game of chess

If I could cheat this life of mine to escape the game I would absolutely flee

Echoed grottos of self-spawned doubt from defying written F on seaweed-green sheet

I scream to the world that I am born anew, my true identity 


A harpoon shot from sarcastic joke but still the shot hits home

I scrape small comfort at cherished hearts putting my mind at ease

But those haunted peers that refuse to acknowledge my new truth cause great distress

I am aware that no one ever said life would be a breeze

But hidden hatred beating at my joy makes close at hand defeat

I know they do not mean their barbs but still my heart they squeeze


Release my name from hidden cage free now ultimately to roam

A overlording sense of danger from which I no longer feel need to appease 

This outstretched hope a ship to mainland from shadowed holm means egress

Boast of older song reaches my ears and in my veins I feel blood freeze

I beat my drum to a new song and still I hear steps off-beat

This attempt to incarcerate my heart no longer effective for now and forever I have the keys

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