Follow the Fallen

Let free the jailed dreams
Lost behind some city street side cathedral
Where coffins and vacant tombs lie waiting to be filled
And angels and devils swap souls for nickels
Then follow me down the straight line
But know that it will become skewed
We will drink blood and tell tales from youth
Pondering the future and past as one
Feeling fear, joy, happiness and pain
Feeling alive for yet a moment before death
Rationality swims out with the swans
In the dark waters of a murky ocean
Without any promise of return
As we make out way into the sun
And soon to the grave
But quicken your step and don’t look back!
For danger is what we seek
Anarchy, sin, chaos and bloodshed
Teach us, because we are dying to learn it all
Now burn the buildings
And hide the evidence
Somewhere offshore and unknown
Slaughter the witnesses
And burry the bodies
In the desert outside a remote Navajo village
Then take the first ride to the end of the world
Stand on the edge with eyes wide open
Do this and try telling me
If life should not feel so wildly and incredibly free
So don’t wait in loneliness
Take my hand and follow me, my new brother
Don’t turn away now− COME BACK!
Now kiss the girls
And slit the throats
And speak no more of love, lust or loss
But only of life… while it lasts.

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