Lit Mag Poetry

In the Eyes of Faith

Fallen knees she sits before the image of her mother, her bright blue robe, gentle eyes, they never seem to stop calming her aching heart.
Day after day she tells the world she no longer believes but holding onto her mother’s finger she hopes her touch will save her from this fallen and broken world.
She asks why she believes no more, where her faith has gone.
Except no answer is ever given, yet the same questions always remain
How do they ask us to pray and fast all night but fight when morning comes?
How can they say adultery is a sin yet, have lust in their eyes?
She tells her mother these questions once again, her trust fades further into the abyss. 
She no longer trusts those who say they are holy. The only place she can place her trust is in her Mother and Son for they know love and only love: to give up their everything for the sake of others.

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