Lit Mag Poetry


/hōm/ · When my heart is split / my family spread out / what is home? A familiar or usual setting. When I lie on the couch after school / hazy afternoon light making me drowsy / listening to the ticking of the clock / attentive to my senses / the feeling of the faux fur blanket / the ottoman that shines black against the soft grey textile / the brown cushions / am I acknowledging / “this is home”? Spacing out, mind thinking / of nothing in particular / until I am, I’m thinking / “I want to go home”. Sometimes, I’ll even say it aloud / as if asking to be whisked away /  by some unknown force. A place of origin. Perhaps this is the definition / I have been looking for / the green trees and close-knit neighborhoods of Brampton / walking five minutes to the bus stop / or ten minutes to buy food during lunchtime at school / or perhaps walking an hour to the music store / unaccompanied, untold / for I would get scolded. But the past has no place for me / I have already moved / and will find my home / in this foreign land.

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